On Friday my mom and I went to We Day. IMG_0070

We day is a celebration for people who host donations like bake sales and coin drives. The party is huge! There’s Demi Lovato, Martin Luther King III, and many other performers and speakers. To go to We day you must do 1 local and 1 global act of service. If you need a bit of help to go and you’re still in school, you can go to the Me to We club at your school if your school has one.

We Day hand

Talking to the We Day Hand

When you get there, everyone gets a bag and there’s a bracelet inside the bag It looks like a white square with a plastic tab on it and there’s a barcode on the top. When you pull the plastic off and when you clap or shake it, it glows.

Crowd We Day

At We Day I saw my friend Hannah Alper on stage!

Hannah We Day

I also saw the Kielburger brothers, Chris Hadfield, a lot of  musicians and the host.


Hadfield We Day

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield

My mom and I were invited by Telus. We got VIP  access and watched it from a suite. We also had lunch there.  At We Day I learned that some kids around the world don’t have an education, clean water or any doctors. It made me feel a bit worried so when they gave me a box that I could fill in with coins at home, I decided that I wanted to bring my box to school and tell the students about how they can help.

Here are some photos of my time at We Day.

Masai We Day

My mom met these Masai warriors in Kenya. They flew up to Toronto just for We Day!

 E crowd We Day

Wynne We Day

Ontario Premier Wynne


Spencer We Day

Spencer West.

Piinball We Day

Michael “Pinball” Clemons

Floor We Day

Hanging out on the floor of the ACC near the We Day stage.

For more information, go to www.weday.com