A few weeks ago in Portugal we visited ZMAR Eco Campo Resort and Spa. We checked in and drove to our room. Our room was a cabin made out of wood.

Eco Cabin ZMAR

Our Eco Cabin at ZMAR

In our room, there were two bunk beds, a double bed and a big flat screen TV.

bunks zmar

Welcome to our room. :)

The meals were delicious. At dinner, they were three choices: grill, pasta and pizza. My favorite was pizza. The breakfast had banana bread, vegetables and sausages. We rented three bikes (one for dad, one for Cameron and one for me.). We used the bikes to tour around the resort.

Biking at ZMAR

Riding our bikes

Cameron and I did treetop climbing because we were lucky. It was like a high obstacle course. (Pictures below.)

The weather was partly sunny, partly rainy, on and off and on and off.


This was the pool at ZMAR. It was too cold to go in but it was super long.

We met David and Sabrine in the resort at dinner. David was only 4 years old, and Cameron and I got along really well with him even though he only spoke Portuguese.

David ZMAR

Playing with David

Sabrine was David’s mother. She sometimes translated for us.

ZMAR friends

Our new friends Sabrine and David!

We ate lunch outside the resort with them in a small town nearby.

Seaside with David

Before lunch we went to see the beach with David


sea algarvewalk algarvesoccer streets algarve

Staying at ZMAR was a lot of fun and we were helping the environment because they use solar panels, recycling and good practices for nature. I hope we get to go back there one day when it’s sunny! :)

Here are some more pictures for you :P

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