Today it was about 366 days since my family and I came home and my mom wanted  me to share it with you.    My mom thought that it would good to do a post  and that is why I am doing this post today.  It was lots of fun with my teachers teaching me this year  and my  friends that were playing with me this year.

cam pop in


But now my mom wants me to tell you about what was different this year and last year. Last year I was around the world and exploring China or Galapagos islands and doing other amazing stuff  but this summer we are relaxing and playing video games. When I was doing /starting this post I was in Quebec. We stayed in a treehouse and did Via Ferrata and that was cool too.


cam via ferrata

So mom I hope I answer the question.    So thank you and see you soon but before I go here is a video.
Hope you Enjoy the video