Globetrotting Mama Road Trips: The Series

If you’ve been following along over the last few years, you may have noticed that I like a road trip.

No? Hadn’t noticed?

Let me point a few out for you.

There was this west coast adventure last summer:

Road Trip

Gorgeous views on our road trip through British Columbia


And this one in New Zealand :

Road Trip

The winding road and constantly changing landscapes in New Zealand.


And the one that brought us to Myrtle Beach last year:

March in Myrtle Beach meant mini-golf and walks on the beach.

March in Myrtle Beach meant mini-golf and walks on the beach.

And oh, so many more.

Family Time | Road Trips

I LOVE being in the car/truck/RV/horse and buggy. There’s something about the fact that I have all the things and people I love together in one spot as we head off on our adventure that has always said vacation to me.

This year, I want more of this:

Road Trip

And this: IMG_4244

And so we’ve decided that 2015 will be the year of the Road Trip! (Sound the trumpets!)

We started out the year in top shape. Our roadtrip to Montebello, Quebec for New Years Eve sealed the deal for us. That trip involved a loaner vehicle. We drove the 2015 GMC Acadia from Toronto to Quebec making use of the XM Sattellite Radio, OnStar assistance (directions please!) and heated seats.

Road Trip

While for some being “trapped” in a car for over five hours would be lead to fighting  for us it is always the opposite.

We talk more in the car. We read more. We even spend more time doing our own thing…together.

Road Trip

Road trips to me mean exploring new terrain, getting out and seeing the places that planes don’t fly to and the ones trains rush past. It’s about smaller towns and mom&pop shops. It’s about roadside stands and singing along in horrible harmonies.

And its about what’s happening inside the car too.

So on our 2015 road trips we’ll share our tips and tricks for road trip survival. We’ll offer up some insight on the rides we take and the cars we drive. We’ll share the stories here on the blog and in print, on TV and even on the radio from time to time.

And we’ll always be on social media. In fact, we’re dedicating the hashtag #GMRoadTrip to these experiences.

We’re going on some road trips this year and nothing would make us happier than to have you come along.

How do you feel about road trips? Where would you go? Any plans? Hope to see you on the road.