I love moments like this…

thailand monks

Moments where I catch a scene in play and for a few seconds get to see things through my kids’ eyes. We were in Chiang Mai, Thailand here. We brought the kids here because Ish and I had visited 10 years earlier and it, more than Bangkok or Koh Samui, had stood out to us as idyllic. Friendly people living simply. When we pulled up here Cameron, then 7, popped out of the van ahead of us and took in this scene. Adults on their knees offering prayers and gifts to child monks – kids only slightly older than himself.

thailand monks

The monks depend on the community for the meal. They make their way down from the sanctuary, a sea of bright orange robes and silver metal tins and at the bottom of the hill, early in the morning, people are waiting to feed them.

thailand monksWe too would go on to offer food and tokens ourselves but watching Cameron take in this first scene of adults in deference to 12- 15 year old kids was one of those moments where I was so certain that the lessons that come from exposing kids to other cultures last long beyond the trip.

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