I loved India.
It was one of those places that I hadn’t longed to visit but had harboured a certain curiosity about and when we got there and begin to explore I was quickly enamoured.
It’s a beautiful country and in the places that seemed the poorest, the harshest, I found incredible moments of beauty.
She was one of those beautiful moments.
No more than 10 years old. Quietly watching – first from afar and then a little bit closer. Her curiosity brought her over. The boys were showing the neighbourhood kids the photos they had taken of them. The small crowd erupted in laughter every time  a new shot flickered on the screen.

Camera showstopper India

A picture bridges the language gap in India

She wanted in.
Eventually she approached me. Touched my arm. Motioned to the camera.
I took this photo.




When I showed it to her, she smiled so brightly I had tears.  I wish I’d taken another.

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