After much debate- and a lot of shin kicking (I’m looking at you Cameron Davis!) –  it’s been settled.

We’re heading west!

It means we’ll spend the first few weeks of our trip exploring Western Canada. It’ll be a mix of places in our own country that I’ve wanted to show them and I hope they’ll gain a true appreciation of how great a country this is.

It also means we had to scrap all of the plans we had made for an eastern departure and tackle the continents we thought we didn’t need to worry about until next year  – South America and Asia among them- now.

So yes, we are a little busy…but we’re also excited.




Things aren’t final but I can tell you that our new itinerary leaves us plenty of room for adventure, gives us time in places we’ve dreamed of and stays true to our Hidden Agenda.

Thanks to all of you for weighing in and hope you’ll continue to do so as we prepare to hit the road.

Only 2.5 months to go!