The great thing about group travel is that it gives you a chance to get to know a bunch of people you might not otherwise meet. The tough thing about group travel? It gives you a chance to get to know a bunch of people you might not otherwise meet.

Let’s face it: Some people are meant to hang in packs.

Together in Versailles

We were “better together” in Versailles but not everyone should travel in a group.

Others should only fly solo.

There’s a saying in travel circles: There’s a person who everyone is fed up with on every group trip and if you can’t figure out who it is, chances are it’s you.

Here’s how to know if you’re annoying the bejeesus out of everyone on your group trip.

1. You’re always late


The group is scheduled to meet at 8 am. You show up at 8:45 with a latte in hand from the shop down the street. Those smirks people are shooting your way aren’t filled with congratulations, they are daggers, aimed for your cup and filled with the hope that a bumpy bus spills the contents all over your late self.  Group travel has no patience for late-by-choice.

2. You ask for things to be changed to better suit your liking

Hey, if you’ve heard there’s an impressive thing to see just off the beaten track, let people know about it and even arrange a way to get back to it in your off hours but don’t try to hijack the planned itinerary. You knew what was on the trip when you signed up for it. The time to figure out that you wanted to do/see/be something different is over.  Just because you have a fascination with ancient rocks doesn’t mean we all do. Stick to the plan.

3. People seem less happy the closer you get to them

You know how you always tell that story at home that gets your closest family and friends laughing? You know how you told it to the group and people seemed uncomfortable and embarrassed for you? Yup. Take the hint.

4. At the end of the trip no one asks for your contact info


“What an amazing trip! Let’s all stay in touch!” said no one to you on your trip ever. Chances are the notebook that skipped your seat on the bus wasn’t an accident.

Neither was the group hug they had when you went to the washroom.
free 'group' hugs

5. They tell you so

For the love of Sesame Street. When someone says to you that you’re being annoying, never assume they’re kidding. They’re not kidding. You are annoying. Stop it.

And if you find yourself in the situation where you’re two days into a group trip and you’re already starting to feel the hate, take a hard look at yourself. Can you simmer down a bit? Be more helpful to the group as a whole?

Try! Your trip may depend on it.

YOUR TURN: Group traveler or solo artist? What kind of travel suits you best?