When the boys decided they would  write posts to celebrate our 100 days I was in full support. First Ish shocked me with a post he wrote (!) and then Cam and Ethan chimed in with their highlights.

I was going to let the moment pass without my input but I can’t.

It’s so amazing to me that we’ve been gone for 100 days.

(100 and a few by the time you read this post.)

flying highWhen we set out in June we were excited: 365 days of travel lay ahead. What would we see/do/experience? How would  we cope without babysitting grandparents, schools to send them to, friends to call on? Would the close quarters leave us less than friendly after a few weeks? Could we really do it?

100 days later and there are fewer questions.

We’ve done it.

Touched down in places that we long dreamed about: Argentina, Galapagos Islands, Colombia, China, Australia and New Zealand among them.

Quito teacherSpent more time together as a family than we ever have before.

Shared our brightest moments with friends online and  made dozens of new friends in person.

bondi Graffiti100 days of counting our pesos and dollars and yuan.

100 days of  “Mommy can I sleep with you?” and “It’s my turn.” and “I love this trip” and “Best. Ever.”

mom sandwich

The cuddles are constant

100 days of inside jokes, and “that’s so cool” and “can we do it again?”

E laugh

E's laugh is infectious

100 days of “we can do this.” and “I’ve got your back.” and “No regrets.”

ish smile

Ish - always grinning.

100 days.

Not one of them would I give back.  Not one member of my traveling posse would I change.

We are 100 days in and I for one can’t wait for the next batch.