A list of holiday travel destinations on GlobetrottingMama.com

I am a big believer in experience over “stuff” and I’ve put this philosophy to the test over the years as we’ve committed to time together over holiday gifts. While we may be staying put this Christmas, we won’t be changing our opinion that who you’re with not what you get is really what this holiday is about.

For those who are looking to join my quest to wrap a child’s life in memories, not the latest gadgets, and who want to travel this Christmas, I’ve put together a list of spots that only get better over the holiday break.

My List of Holiday Travel Destinations

Deerhurst Resort, Muskoka (Ontario)

Head north of Toronto to enjoy a cozy retreat in this luxurious resort. Deerhurst Resort has holiday packages from December 19 to January 3rd.

View the deals.

The Holidays in New York

There’s just something magical about the idea of spending Christmas around New York City. Stay in a famously luxurious hotel, see a show on Broadway and take the kids to where the magic happens.

Celebrate a Tropical Christmas in Barbados

You don’t need snow and cold to celebrate the holidays, go where the warmth and sand is! The Caribbean island of Barbados is a great place to celebrate the holidays, while relaxing and soaking up the sun. Love this guide to the island.

Head to the Islands of Hawaii

You’ll love the warm reception you receive in Kona, Hawaii and your holiday stay will include sun, sand and a fiery volcano. Check out this resort for all-inclusive savings.

Blue Mountain New Years’ Eve Specials

I love Montebello but if you can’t get there, you can plan to ring in the New Year by hitting the slopes at another resort. Blue Mountain in Ontario has some exciting packages for family fun that offer a great start to 2016. Check out the packages.

No matter whether you travel near or far, or stay right at home, the holidays are a great chance to remind yourself of what makes globetrotting so special – As long as you are with your family, you are already home. (But a margarita and lying alone in the sand with a book is pretty nice too!)

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