Three days in this city have taught me a lot. I had spent very little (and always very scheduled) time in Winnipeg before this trip. Ish and the boys had never been. Visiting it as a family opened my eyes to how great the people are and the sense of community it has to offer. It was our first stop on a trip that is bound to be filled with memories. Here are 4 from Manitoba that I’d be happy to replicate anytime:

1. Fishing on the Red River

We went out with Todd “the Rock and Roll Fisherman” from City Cats. He’s amazing.  Patient and chatty and fun. And then there were the catfish. Our longest (34.5 inches) was nailed on the first hook out! I was shocked at how quickly my city dwelling kids took to the experience. Ethan even baited a few hooks with shrimps himself! And the look of wonder and pride on their faces as they hauled in their catches? Priceless.

ethan fishing


2. Cheering on the home team at a baseball game

They aren’t the Jays but watching the locals cheer on their Goldeyes made all four of us lifelong fans. It was Irish day and fans and players alike were donning the green, singing along to Irish diddies and cheering on the team. It was what a baseball game should be: all fun, cheap tickets, buckets of popcorn and a crowd that happily chatted during the intermissions but never…never…during the key plays. ;)


3. Watching the kids have the run of the place at Assiniboine Park

I have seriously never seen anything like this. Slides were higher, the water play was cooler and the gigantic spider web crawling area was the biggest I’d ever seen. We walked into the Children’s play area at Assiniboine park and our jaws dropped. Bee- u- ti-ful. And next to it? A children’s garden complete with giant frog apiaries, an oversized serpent and drums to bang.  Every community should be so lucky

Children's Garden

Children's Garden

4. Canada Day at The Forks

When you take to the streets in a pedal-powered dune buggy you make friends quickly. Spending the day that celebrates how great this country is by going from native pow wow to lunch in Saint Boniface to board games with the Parks Canada Beaver made for a holiday none of us will soon forget.


Our chariot

Boardgames with a Beaver

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