Ask any financial planner the secret to a healthy financial lifestyle and they’ll say you need to Save, Spend & Share. An increasing number of options for your Aeroplan miles account mean you can use a similar approach there. Over the next few weeks, as the craziness of the holiday season bares down on us, I’ll be sharing tips that cover all three categories in the hopes of helping you plump up your accounts and your karma points.

This week: SAVE

Everyone knows the equation to points when flying: Buy ticket, fly distance, net miles.

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But while that flight to Kenya may net you more than a whopping 7000 miles, I’m willing to bet that it isn’t a trip you’re doing every week. Lucky for you, the path to a high miles account isn’t paved in flights alone.These win-win saving opportunities offer ways you may not have heard of to earn while still impressing the people in your life. You’ll do things you need to, earn the miles  you’re craving and you won’t have to bone up on your Swahili  to do it.

1. Get Glasses: What’s that you say? You don’t need prescription lenses? What about sunglasses? Get them from a VEDI independent eye care practitioner and you’ll get 1 mile for every dollar you spend and look smarter when you’re done.

2. Prep your car for the winter: Round and bald is cute on Michael Jordan’s head; less so when it’s your tires. Pick up a new set from Active Green + Ross and you’ll earn 1 Mile for every $2 spent. Integra Tire offers the same deal on tires but also offers 1 mile for every $1 spent on automotive parts and service.  And with similar opportunities at Maaco, Meineke and OK Tire, you can spruce up your ride while you’re saving for your flight.

3. Impress your mother/girlfriend/boss: Order flowers through FTD, Teleflora or Floraworld and you’ll get as many as 10 Aeroplan Miles per dollar spent! There’s fine print to consider that varies for each vendor but it’s stil a great way to earn and celebrate someone in your life.  And if it’s an apology you’re offering, a gift that comes in a jewellery or watch box from Birks  will help you both. (1 mile for every $2 spend)


They get flowers; you get closer to your dream vacation. Win. Win.


4. Move: Forget your good-for-nothing friends and their long lunch break demands. What can they do for your Aeroplan account anyway? Nothing. Instead call Atlas Van Lines (you can earn up to 2500 Miles for a move), 1-800-Got-Junk (1 mile per $1 spent) and AmeriSpec (500 miles for a home inspection). Then, once you’re settled in,  send flowers to your  friends to apologize for referring to them as good-for nothing.(see #3)

5. Sign up at :  Add your email to your profile in the “Your Account” section of the site and you’ll receive the updates they send out with bonus offers and new partner announcements.

And while you’re at it, consider making all of the  purchases above on an Aeroplan affiliated credit card. Sure, things are changing behind the scenes at Aerogold, but the fact that paying by credit card offers you the chance to earn points on your points? Well, that’s just a no-brainer.

For more information and tips on earning points at hundreds of Aeroplan partners (and not just the three you always remember) visit

This post was sponsored in part by Aeroplan Canada. As per usual all witty comments and salty opinions are my own.