How to Raise Smart Kids on

Exploring the Alexandria Library with my boys.

As a travel writer and globetrotter, my answer to the question, “How to Raise Smart Kids,” isn’t altogether surprising.I believe in the intellectual power of travel! It is one way that you can give your kids learning opportunities that expand their minds while they expand their horizons.

Travel inspires kids to think outside of the four walls of their own home and the boundaries of their community, and brings them into contact with new ideas through the experiences they have exploring other cultures and taking in new sights.

But don’t tell the kids! Travel to them means “fun” and “adventure.” And that means ziplines and roller coasters will always win over museums and art galleries. I know from my travel experiences with kids that learning springs up organically – while ziplining through a forest we learn about the eco-system – but that it is also okay to pursue some more obvious learning opportunities.  With or without the kids, museums and art galleries are always on our list when exploring a new city.

Some of our explorations of culture and history include:

Frank McCourt’s Limerick, Ireland

Royal Tyrrell Museum, Canada

The Alexandria Library, Egypt

If you mention a museum and you get eye rolls, you might want to try these 5 tricks, which I shared with National Geographic Traveller.

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