Recently we shared tips for how to travel on a budget (part 1), and who doesn’t love saving money? Travel doesn’t have to be something you save for a lifetime to enjoy. There are many ways to experience the world, for less and we are excited to have you back with us so we can share even more ways to travel on a budget, without compromising on any of the adventure or fun.

More great ideas on how to travel on a budget -

Book Accommodations with a Kitchen

Many destinations offer accommodations that come with small kitchens. This can be a great way to save money, especially if you’re traveling with voracious eaters (Mothers of tween boys raise your hands…). Pick simple recipes that the family can help you prepare and that require only a few ingredients. Cooking two batches of something simple (like pasta) can mean easy leftover lunches or dinners on days when you’re too tired to figure out the meal. Picking up fresh fruit, cereal and granola can also save you a ton of money on breakfast and snacks.

Enjoy Baked Goods for Less – Buy at the End of the Day

Hit the bakery at the end of the day for better prices. Many bakeries cut their prices as the day comes to a close, to be sure they move their inventory. You can often grab some goodies at a fraction of the cost. Ditto for fresh (made that day) sushi!

Try Volunteer Opportunities that Include Accommodation

For a truly different way to travel, sign up to volunteer on an organic farm and receive your accommodation for free. (You can find some great offerings through ) This can be a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of a city, while giving you the chance to enjoy the fresh outdoors.

Use Apps to Find Lower Cost Hotels

If you want to book on your own, try apps that compile low cost hotel options, like Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, Hopper App. This is often a good place to find last minute travel deals. Hotels that have excess inventory will often turn to these sites to get you in their door.

Book Hotels in Advance

Conversely, it can also be advantageous to book your hotel in advance, as many places offer discount incentives to those early planners. You can often save over 20% just by securing your room ahead of time.

Eat Where the Locals Eat

It’s no secret; tourist-friendly areas and restaurants are often pricier than local establishments. You can get a great meal, often for less, by asking the locals where they love to eat. Find hidden gems that are wallet-friendly by asking your concierge or the front desk personnel at the hotel to recommend a local, low-cost favourite.

Know the Customs of the Place You are Visiting

Do you research before you go to know what customs are appropriate in your destination city. For example, is tipping part of the dining culture and how much is typically appropriate? Some European restaurants, like in Portugal, serve appetizers whether you ask for them or not. If you eat them, you pay!

Use Fuel Efficient Cars When on a Road Trip

If you’re heading out on the road, consider using a fuel efficient car, either one you own or a rental. It may seem like an extra expense to rent a car but a fuel efficient model will save you gas as you go, and the wear and tear of mileage on your own vehicle.
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Travel doesn’t have to be costly, but investing in your adventures is always worth it. Try these travel tips for staying on a budget, and share your own below!