Here’s the thing about this trip around the world: While you can’t leave your office or kitchen table and climb into our suitcases (no, seriously you can’t),  we are hoping that you’ll join in on our travels through this blog and a number of outlets where we’ll be sharing our experiences (more on that later).

We’re also hoping that you’ll share the information that you’ve gleaned through your own travels.

Have a favourite pub in London? I want to know. Is there an out of the way park in Capetown that shouldn’t be missed? Tell us that too. Does your Uncle Bob run a shop in a town we’re passing through? We’d be happy to pop in and say hi.

E with the locals (peru)The thing I love about this country is how many other countries we bring here. A lot of you have friends and family in places we’ll be visiting and I would love an opportunity to chat with them (and maybe dinner? too much? we’d bring wine…) when we’re there.

For every location we’re visiting we’ll set up a Destination page.  We’d love it if you’d add your suggestions in the comments of each upcoming stop.

Our first leg on the route takes us through Western Canada and our first stop is….Winnipeg, Manitoba!

I’m looking forward to learning about Louis Riel, celebrating a western Canada Canada Day and checking out the TEN spa among other things while we’re in the city and surroundings from June 30 – July 3.

The Destination page is here. Click on over and add your tips, suggestions, must-dos to the comments. And if I’m truly making a mistake in leaving out something, let me know that too and I’ll try to rectify it.

We appreciate your help.

And while the suitcase is fairly full, the offer is always open:If you’re going to be where we are, let us know that too.

We’d love to see you. :)