Introducing: Dressed to Travel

I’m starting something new here on the site: I’m talking about Dresses.

Thanks to more than 3 years (!!!) of appearances on The Social on CTV (along with other great shows) and a rediscovered love of speaking at events, not to mention required attendance at some “high-er fashion required” outings, I’ve found myself in a situation where my typical track pants and t-shirt attire would be frowned upon.

Dresses worn on TV like this one will now have an archival home on GlobetrottingMama so you can find it too.

Hanging on the couch with the ladies of The Social for the first time more than 3 years ago!

Luckily, I have surrounded myself with style makers!

Dressed to Travel | #MoPickedIt

The best fashion find is a fashion find-ing friend.

For years Maureen Dennis has seen my wardrobe and raked me (and my favourite “but it’s comfortable!” items) over the coals. For a long time, every dress that received a rave review online was one she had picked for me. Now, I can share our successes!

And in recent years, I’ve had new partners in the fashion space including Rent Frock Repeat stylists who are great at helping me choose things that both fit my ample Jamaican-Canadian frame (aka “so much junk that the trunk can hardly close”) and look good while doing so.

Fashion friends include Maureen Dennis (picture) who helps pick many of my Dressed to Travel choices.

Mo and I on a trip? There will be dress purchases.

All of this to say that my outfit choices are getting better.

In fact, they are so much better that I’m now confident enough to share some of my favourites here on the site.

Dressed to Travel | Why a Fashion addition?

Here’s the thing: If you’re like me, you see something flit across your screen on social media, think I’d love to buy something like that, like it and forget about it.  It’s tough to track it down again when you’re actually ready to make the leap.

I figured, I could help a sister out by keeping an archive of sorts  right here on the site. Now when you’re looking for something to wear, you can peek over at that dress I wore to the formal night on the Queen Mary 2 or the one I wore on the Royal Wedding edition of The Social.

Dressed to Travel: Fashion finds and dresses worn by Heather Greenwood Davis - Globetrotting Mama

Dressed to Travel: Shining the spotlight on some of the fabulous dresses I’ve been able to wear.

Dressed to Travel | What Can I expect from  this new section?

Every so often, I’ll share a photo or two, insight into how it fit and why it worked and of course, where it came from. No fuss. No muss.

Why share? Because we can’t (and really shouldn’t) all walk into the store and just buy what the mannequin is wearing. I mean, the mannequin literally has no trunk, people. It’s a bad idea all around.

Dressed to Travel | Is there a catch?

Nope. I don’t get any payment from the companies who provide me with outfits but if that were to happen, you can bet your bottom dollar (Annie reference!), that I’d let you know. Most of the items are either loaners or items I bought myself.

Sound good? Great.

Here’s the first one: Eliza J’s Belted Shirt Dress – So Nice, I’ve worn it Twice!