It was too soon. Only four months shy of it’s third birthday (and the end of my 3-year locked in plan with Rogers) my iPhone (lovingly referred to  as the sixth digit on my right hand) disappeared. I had slipped it into my purse as usual  and looked around an hour later to find it gone. The last text that we shared? “Awesome” sent by me in response to the confirmation that I would be having dinner with new friends in San Diego that evening. Looking back it was a fitting end to our relationship.

I moved to the iPhone from the Blackberry and immediately fell hard for Apple. My iPhone led to my laptop which led to my desktop which led to a second laptop which led to iPad denial, then envy, then lust. I’ve become an Apple geek speaking about apps and watching keynotes. It’s sad but true.

I took it everywhere with me.

Our first and only separation before this was a careless slip through my fingers in 2008 when it crashed face first on a linoleum floor and looked like this…

Broken iPhone

Admittedly, not a good day.

Then there was the imposed separation when I visited the island of Petit St. Vincent – a internet-free resort in the Grenadines. In retrospect perhaps it was getting me ready for what was to come.

It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

There’s an iPhone shortage in Canada. For the last two weeks I’ve been on the hunt to no avail. And then finally some help from Rogers and then this:

iPhone 4

The eagle has landed

It  arrived yesterday.

But not before I had  spent weeks living without it.

How has life been different?

I’ve watched entire minor league soccer practices from start to finish.

I’ve lost all contact with most friends.

I’ve  played extra games of Mario Kart with the boys.

I’ve missed entire Twitter conversations and the chance to win an iPad or  a coffee machine.

I’ve read more books.

I have glanced longingly at my purse when asked about the weather and the time.

I’ve done more laundry.

And I’ve skipped sessions at the gym because I didn’t have my running playlists.

In some ways I’m probably a better person with it gone. I’m more focused at events, I listen better, I play more.

In other ways I’m not. I feel disconnected. I depend on people for answers. I worry I’ll miss some important opportunity and so I can’t enjoy the moment I’m in.

A few more days and I’d probably be ready to undergo some deep analysis about whether I should let it go completely.

But no need.

It’s back and I’m hoping that now that I’m more aware of the good things I was missing, I’ll be a little better at tempering my addiction.

But tonight I’m away for work and I am wasting no time getting reaquainted.

Anyone need to know the weather?