Italy with Kids:  Our Monograms Adventure Begins

Sometimes you yearn for a place. Sometimes it calls you back again and again. Italy has a way of doing that for us.

Italy has always held some part of my heart. It was the dream destination I thought I needed to get to when I was a lawyer hoping for a different life. When we went the first time it was with a 3 year old and 11 month old in tow. It was one of my first realizations that though it wouldn’t be easy, traveling with young children was worth it.

#MonogramsInsider Italy

Ethan was 3 the last time he was in Rome. He’ll return this week at age 15.

We skipped the country on our yearlong trip around the world – because we knew we’d stay too long and get too comfortable. Then we came home to news that my brother was getting married on the Amalfi coast! And so in 2012 we were there again.

The Amalfi Coast #MonogramsInsider

The Amalfi Coast

Tonight I’ll head there again. For weeks, the memories of trips past have been flooding back: lingering train rides, delicious meals and fantastic people. I’ve been thinking about the perfect espresso, sipped while standing on a train platform, the incredible art and the way my limited French allows me to eavesdrop just a little bit on the casual sing-song of the Italian language around me.

#MonogramsInsider Italy

Gelato and mannequin love

But most of all I’ve been thinking about having my family join me. I’ve got teens now. Cameron joins the ranks on Wednesday and once he’s finished his celebrations here at home, he, his brother and his dad will join me in Rome, Milan, Lake Como and more as we spend just over a week exploring parts of this country that range from familiar to brand new.

Italy | The Monograms Way

What will make it easier is that for this family trip I haven’t had to figure out all of the logistics. Instead I’ve left it to the professionals.

I’ve known about the Monograms program for years and often shared it with readers and friends who’ve been looking for experiences that are a mix of bespoke travel and must-see highlights.

I love that In each destination a local host is waiting to help you when you need them and disappear when you don’t. They’ve organized the tickets for the tours, can point you to the local haunts and can offer tips to help you make the most of your independent exploration. It’s like having a friend built into the places you’re visiting. Breakfasts are usually included but you’re free to roam the streets to find the spots that work best for your appetite for lunch and dinner. It’s all the benefits of an organized trip plus all the benefits of independent travel rolled into one.

Milan #MonogramsInsider

Milan will be a new spot for Ish and the kids.

We’ve opted for excursions that will include a foodies tour for me in Trastevere before they arrive and pizza-making with them at my side. We’ll also explore cities like Bellagio and Brunate but with very little scheduled in terms of an itinerary. The plan is to have very few plans.

And that’s where you come in…

Italy | Join Us! #MonogramsInsider

You know what always makes our travels better? Having you along. Over the next 10 days, I’m hoping you’ll chime in here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share some of your Italian experiences. Tell me the best place to grab a gelato in Bellagio,  the don’t-leave-without-seeing spots in Rome and the view that can’t be missed in Milan.  Tag your suggestions with the #MonogramsInsider hashtag. We’ll do the same as we explore alongside other travel writers in spots across Italy.

Here’s hoping that the compilation of tips will mean we all get a little more Italian cappucinos in our mornings.

coffee #monogramsinsider

See you soon my beautiful cappuccinos.

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