It’s no secret that I like my devices.

While I may pack light when it comes to clothing, it’s unlikely you’ll see me traveling without at least a couple of devices.


heather iphone

High above Alberta…with my iPhone

The problem is that airport fights over wall plugs tend to be frowned upon these days. And the mess of cables and cords I travel with (I’m looking at you laptop cord with the super hot poundage in the middle) can cause permanent back strain in my purse.

As a result,  I’m always on the lookout for ways to lighten the load and keep my devices well charged.

Just over a year ago I told you about the Fat Cat. Today it’s still going strong and I often recommend it. It holds the charge well and often gives me more than one full charge for my phone off of a full battery.

This month I discovered another way to keep things light.

It's this small!

It’s this small!

Nomad’s charge key might be the smallest lightening charger on the planet. It means that when I’m on the go I have an even lighter option. Instead of bringing along the cord to connect my usb port on the laptop to my phone, this little gizmo keeps things nice and compact.  Best of all it is small enough to sit on my key ring which means no more worrying about whether I have a cord with me because I ALWAYS have  a cord with me.

nomad charge key

Snaps on to your key ring and now you’re never without a charge cord for your iPhone.


The product is currently on back-order but retails for $25.   It’s not perfect. The cord is too short to use with a wall plug but if you’ve got a charger (Might I suggest the Fat Cat?) or a laptop with you , you’re golden. The other thing I’m wary of is the fact that the connector prongs are exposed. If Nomad came up with a flip up cover or something to protect them from the evils that lay at the bottom of my purse I’d feel more secure.

That said, I’m enjoying the feeling of knowing I’ve always got power close by.  For more information or to order one of your own visit