Do your Easter plans require a road trip? This can often seem daunting when there are little ones involved. Avoid those tantrums and refrains of “Are we there yet?” with these travel friendly ideas for keeping Easter fun on the road!


Arts and Crafts to Go

Keeping the kiddos busy is key on a car trip. Consider packing some Easter-themed arts and crafts. Keep it simple with  a springtime coloring book. Or consider bigger projects for car break stop or while visiting relatives: Gather some pastel construction paper, crayons, scissors, and a cotton ball or two and you can create some memorable decorations. Need inspiration? Check out these envelope bunnies from Martha Stewart or stick to the classics. Every parent loves a cute easter bunny with a cottontail or a chick hatching from an egg.

easter road trip

Pack some Festive Snacks

No road trip is complete without the right snacks. Why not mix in an Easter theme. Even though you may be tempted to stock up on jellybeans, a Cadbury Cream Egg or Peeps, remember you’ll be stuck in the car with those sugar-high kids for several hours. Instead, consider packaging your kiddos’ snacks with an Easter theme. Want to get creative? Head over to The Pioneer Woman’s website for some creative inspiration for your Easter treats.



Schedule Easter-Themed Stops

Time to stretch your legs is usually welcome, so why not make your pit stop a bit fun? If you map out your route ahead of time, you may find a pet shop, humane society or rescue center where you can visit with some chicks and rabbits. If your family is religious, you can look into the churches in the neighborhood that might be having some special services or events. Can’t find a good place to stop? Create your own fun by creating your own scavenger hunt or organizing an egg hunt.


Games, Puzzles and Virtual Field Trips

Keep your Easter road trip fun by adding some Easter-themed games and puzzles. These could range from crossword puzzles to wordsearches, or you might even find some more creative games you can complete as a family. Websites like TeachersPayTeachers can be a great resource for finding simple, printable items. You can also use those tablets in a resourceful way! If you have service, check out some virtual field trip options related to the holiday or springtime. These will keep kiddos entertained and offer an educational spin to your road trip.