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Travelling with kids is an excellent way to open their minds to new cultures and experiences. It’s also a great way to introduce the idea of caring for our planet.

Eco-tourism looks for sustainable ways to offer unique and educational experiences. Getting the kids closer to nature is the first step in teaching them to understand and appreciate it.

Today we wanted to feature 2 eco-adventure experiences your kids will love, and that prove that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. And the cooler the outing, the better!

Hawaii Mermaid Adventures

Now dreamers of all ages can go underwater and discover the world in the ocean deep, off the stunning coasts of Hawaii. Be transformed into a real-life mermaid with this new and unique ocean adventure company, Hawaii Mermaid Adventures.

You (and your little one) will get the chance to practice wearing a mermaid tale on land, and then in the ocean. Then you’re off to explore the underwater world as a mermaid…and to learn about the myth of the mermaid as well as the importance of caring for and conserving underwater eco-systems. You will also get to help keep the oceans clean by conducting a beach clean-up before entering the water. Each 1.5 hour excursion begins with safety and eco lessons, so that young mermaids can appreciate how to move with safety, but also to preserve the fish that are letting her into their habitat.

You can book as a group, and yes mer-men are welcome too.

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Tortuguero Rainforest Family Expedition with Tortuga Lodge and Gardens

Experience the lively sounds of a tropical rainforest while you explore with your kids and take in some amazing sights.

Tortuga Lodge is located in Costa Rica on the Tortuguero river. The lodge is designed to give you maximum enjoyment of the natural environment with some modern and luxurious touches. There are plenty of opportunities for children to learn as they interact with the rainforest and it’s natural inhabitants. Visit during turtle nesting or hatching season to learn about the life cycle of a turtle and see the miracle of life up close. Nesting happens between July and October; hatching occurs between August and November.

The Tortuguero Rainforest Family Expedition gives you the opportunity to explore Tortunguero National Park and Tortuguero Village in one packaged experience. It includes three full days in Tortuguero National Park and Tortuguero Village (tours with Naturalist Guides and entrance fee included), round trip transportation to and from your choice of San Jose, Sarapiqui, Puerto Viejo or Cahuita, the chance to fly to and/or from San Jose at no extra charge, and 6 meals.

Holiday rate (December 16 – January 7) $968; Rest of the year $784

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