The Davis Family Hit the Road  - Travel Tips

The Davis Family on the road earlier this year. Photo by Heather Greenwood Davis.

Spring break has begun for some of you, and for others you are entering crunch time; you are scrambling to put together a plan for March Break travel (near or far) that will entertain kids for an entire week.

A stay-cation can be just as fun as travelling to far-off lands. I have written in the past about exploring my own city of Toronto, Canada.

And with Spring break being a popular time for families to explore and travel, deals abound that can make a stay-cation a cost-effective way to have the experience of travel, without going far. Often we live in a city for many years, or far too long, without really exploring it. Where can you travel to within the limits of your own hometown? Try a museum or art gallery. Head to a park, the beach or the ski hill. Explore hiking trails or natural landmarks.

Another option: Head out on a road trip –  even if the driving only takes a few hours and you can be home by nightfall. For longer trips, even last minute ones, take a look at my latest article on where I share tips on how to pack for and enjoy a March break road trip.

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Whatever your choice for the March Break, remember to nurture your kids’ imaginations  and their interests. Not sure what they’d like? Just ask them! You might be surprised with what they come up with and how easily you can be “globetrotters” – even if you don’t venture too far.