I miss my shower.

Trivial right?

Says you!

You, my friends, haven’t met my shower. Dependable hot water and a powerful jet. The kind of shower that you brag about and offer to house guests who reluctantly step in but then emerge smiling and shaking their head and saying “Wow! You’re right! That there is a seriously good shower!”

I love that shower. And I miss it.


This is not my shower but it is what my shower feels like.

And I miss my office too.

I love that space and the way I can write in it when the sunlight streams through the window. And the way I can hear the neighbourhood kids as they make their way home.

But that’s it. Not one thing else.

This is one of the most surprising things about being away from home for me. We live in a fairly large house and when the time came to pack it up so that we could rent it out for this yearlong trip, it took us months to get everything squared away. All of those toys and games and clothes and shoes. Trinkets from trips past, papers that seemed so important they were indexed before we left so family could find things in a pinch. Music CDs and movie DVDs. Big screens, small screens , hard drives and zip files. Big comfy couches and the chair I sat in to read.

So. Much. Stuff.

And all I miss is my shower and my office.

Backyard Hangout

my backyard hangout: miss the people but not the stuff

Makes you wonder how much of it we really need. And how much time we invest (and lose) in keeping it. And how much of it is really holding us back from living the life we want or are meant to.

There will be tough decisions to make when we get home. Do we unpack it all and settle in again or do we start by editing, paring down, living with less?  I vote for option number 2. I hope I can maintain the will to do so.

What about you? Could you live with less? Do you want to? Is there something you’d do if you didn’t have your house/your car/ that new dining room set? Let me know in the comments below.

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