If you have a cruise planned in the near future, you may be excited to break out your hard-shelled luggage and start packing. Before you do, I have some luggage tips for cruises and yachts that include the benefits of bringing a softer bag for your voyage at sea!

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The Wheeled Option

There is no fun in arriving at your destination with a sore back. You want a bad boy you can pull! This makes maneuvering around the airport and the ship much easier and can serve as a resting place for your secondary carry-on bag. Something else to consider if your trip includes inter-island travel via small planes, is to check the regulations on two-wheeled vs. four-wheeled bags. In several small planes, they are banning 4 wheels, so do your research before you leave.

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The Duffle Bag

If you aren’t interested in pulling a wheeled bag, our next luggage tip is you might want to opt for a sturdy duffle bag. There are many benefits to going this route. The design of certain duffle bags can help you stay organized and keep everything in it’s place. You can choose between a wide, cross body strap to keep your hands free, or find a full handle that makes it easier to hold briefcase-style. Good news is there’s a wide variety of duffle bags out there to appeal to all types of travellers. Check out this article by Good Housekeeping that compares the 9 Best Duffle Bags.

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Consider a Sturdy Material

Another luggage tip for cruises is to consider the material of your baggage. Let’s face it, in tighter cruise cabins you may not have the room to stow your favorite hard-shelled suitcase. This is where a sturdy, yet flexible material can come in handy – in this case, the more squish the better! Be sure that material is compressible and able to fit in those overhead bins. You still want the bag to be durable, so find a material that suits your travel needs. Some materials to compare include nylon, polyester, canvas and leather. Be sure to consider price, functionality, shape, storage and possibly whether or not the material is waterproof.

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Make Sure it’s the Right Size

If you’ve kept up with Globetrotting Mama, you know I’m an advocate of carry-ons. You can read this GTM blog about The Carry-On Only Life for more details. The important thing when traveling with carry-ons is size. You want to be sure it’ll fit in those overhead compartments on your flight there – a faux pas I made myself recently –  but size also matters when it comes to the limited space on your cruise or yacht.

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