Globetrotting Mama shares her passion for travel. More travel is on my 2016 bucket list!

Ladies making their way to market in Bagan, Myanmar.


Right now, many of you are probably setting your goals for 2016.

Do you want to lose weight? Hit the gym more often? Finally kick the sugar habit? Or will this be the year that you start to map out the life of your dreams? Maybe one that includes more family time, less stress and more aha moments. That last part sounds dreamier and more fulfilling to me than pushing through another rep at the gym, but I get it – we need a balance of both in our lives.

Years ago Ish and I were at a place where we were making the same sort of dreamy lists. Recently a mention in the Huffington Post prompted me to recall that initial decision to take a trip around the world as a family. Many people have suggested we were brave to take a year off from our everyday lives and introduce ourselves to new cultures and sights around the globe. I don’t think I am brave and I write about that here.

My family remains open to the world of possibility that travel can provide. It continues to be an important part of what makes our family healthy and happy. I hope to inspire people to make similar, small or large commitments to making travel a more integral part of their family’s wellbeing. Will 2016 be your year to travel?

While having a destination and itinerary for your trip – from an all-inclusive vacation to an exploration of the roads off the beaten tourist track – can be important, I also encourage you to get lost (on purpose). Taking leaps of faith, talking to strangers, and seeing where the open road will take you is often what leads to the most exciting, important and life altering rewards of travel.

If you want to make 2016 your year to achieve a greater sense of family peace, fulfillment and connectedness can I suggest a little travel?

Here’s my piece on National Geographic about getting lost on purpose.