If all that you think of when March rolls in each year is that February is over and April is almost here, then you don’t live in my house.
In my house, and for every year that I have known my husband Ish (25 this year but who’s counting?) , March has meant something altogether different.
March is for Madness.

Final Four ncaa
High-flying, college basketball  madness.
And it has begun.
Ish brought home our March Madness brackets earlier this week. The boys, who’ve known the ritual since they were able to hold a pencil, have dutifully filled in their picks.
My empty bracket sits on the dining room table as I write this, glaring at me in much the same way that my husband did when he returned home from work that night to find I still hadn’t made my selections.

The intensity is well, er…intense. He LOVES his college basketball.

Which means that what has also begun is  the couch sitting and channel surfing.  The grunting and yelping with every game, the cursing when Canadian stations aren’t playing the one he wants to see, the screams when they go into overtime.

And of course the Saturdays when he can’t hear what I’m saying, the endless phone calls and texts with his buddies about which teams will be sweethearts and the complete ignoring of my rolling eyes as he redescribes a play WE ALL JUST WATCHED.


Ish hanging with a pal on our last trip to Indy in 2011

It’s frustrating and head shaking but it’s ritual and I wouldn’t change it. At this point resistance would be futile any way.

The annual road to the Final Four is well underway and this year the entire Greenwood Davis clan is on it.
We’re heading to Indianapolis home of the final games for a basketball weekend like no other. We’ll watch the games, see the concerts, cheer for the players and pray over our brackets with thousands of others in attendance.
The road trip starts in a few weeks and combines the travel and road tripping that we love with the game he lives for.  It’s bound to be an exciting trip.

Hope you’ll follow along with us here and on social media #GMRoadTrip2Indy starts April 3.