How to Salvage your Summer Vacation

Whether your summer vacation plans are locked in or you’re still trying to figure it out, there is nothing wrong with having a few summer travel tips in your pocket to make the planning easier. Recently, I returned to CHCH Morning Live to guest host Kathy Buckworth’s Get, Set, Go! segment on the show. You can watch it below (worth it for a peek at my latest Rent Frock Repeat borrow) or read the tips further down this post.

Mid-Summer Vacation Tip | Expect the bumps and be prepared:

Surveys tell us that we’re going to be delayed. And for those of us flying out of Pearson Airport, we know those delays are almost a guarantee. Avoid the onset of aggravation by being prepared for the inevitable. Don’t head to the airport without checking your flights. The easiest way to stay on top of things is to sign up for the airline apps that correspond to your flights. Many offer an option to be alerted if there’s a delay or cancellation of your flight.  You can also prepare by making sure your carry-on is delay-proof. Do you have things in there to keep you fed, watered and entertained should you get stuck on the tarmac? What about for the kids?  If you can slip on your headphones and descend into the world of Brooklyn 99, instead of stewing in your seat you’ll be a lot happier.

Mid-Summer Vacation Tip |Prep in advance:

Do as much as you can to prepare for a comfortable flight. Book your seats in advance. Most airlines open up the free seat booking at the time of check-in. For most North American airlines that is 24 hours before departure but on other continents it can be as early as the time you book your ticket. Take the time to figure it out and set an alarm in your calendar. You may even want to consider paying fees for advance seat bookingif you don’t want to take the chance on being separated. Air Canada’s newest family travel offerings include seating families together, so that’s a great reason to consider booking there. Another tip: If you’re booking two seats in a three-seat block, book the window and the aisle. If the middle seat is booked you can always offer up one of yours to sit next to your loved one. And if not? Score!  Finally, don’t expect miracles. There are a lot of budget airlines offering unbelievable fares, but those aren’t going to get you a champagne and caviar experience. Make sure you understand what “no frills” mean before committing to a flight. Also, if you are booking your own flights consider shopping through an app, but making the actual purchase directly with the airline. Not doing so might make  it tough for the airlines to help you if your flight runs into trouble.
Mid-Summer Vacation Tips

Staying home doesn’t have to mean doing the dishes.

Mid-Summer Vacation Tip |Remember you don’t have to go far: 

The word “Stay-cation” has  a bad rap. Just because you are not travelling far for vacation doesn’t have to mean you’re home doing the dishes or sitting comatose in the living room. Book a hotel room in your own city and explore like a tourist. Book the local tours that you’d usually zip past on your way home from work. See how the other half lives.  Know your own town well? Then head to one next door. Or head out to one of our provincial parks. There are a variety of accommodation offerings and I can vouch for the fact that you can can feel like you’re a world away.

Mid-Summer Vacation Tip |Consider adding an extra night on an existing trip.

In a recent Globe and Mail article, I talked about the fact that “bleisure” trips are growing in popularity. The term – a combination of business and leisure – speaks to the trend of adding a few days to an existing business trip to save time and money. It’s definitely worth considering as long as you remember to keep the business and leisure parts separate and make sure everyone is on the same page about how it will work.

Mid-Summer Vacation Tip |Don’t expect multi-generational miracles:

If you decide to make it an extended family or multi-family affair – make sure you arent expecting miracles. Travelling with extended family can be amazing. I’ve done it many times and have loved the opportunities it afforded for grandparent-grandchild bonding plus some leisure time with my parents or siblings. But if you don’t get along with your extended family, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a sunny day and gorgeous beach can fix that. Travelling will only accentuate the things that might annoy you at home.


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