If you’re a mom and you’re reading this I hope you’re doing so from bed.

bastille boys

Paris, France - Election Night

I hope that your kids have made you breakfast or your family has arranged for you to do something special.

breaking bread

breaking bread with my favourite guys

I hope that on this Mother’s Day you’re pampered and feeling loved.

big grins

30 seconds after this was taken E gave me worst headbutt ever. Still love it.

But the truth is I wish this for you everyday.

Why settle for one day out of a year to feel this way? To realize how much you are cherished and to marinate in it? Why not take the week, the month, the year..

boys india

Varanassi, India

We are 320 days into our trip around the world. Along the way I’ve met a lot of moms and have often stopped to marvel, worry or admire other people’s children. I’ve seen in India, South Africa, China and Portugal that we have so much in common as mothers but nothing more than this: We love our kids.

mom india

It only takes an instant for a mother to fall in love with someone else's child.

That love is sometimes apparent in the ways we indulge them and sometimes in the ways we don’t. That love is unbreakable even when it seems broken from the outside.

A mother’s love is everything.


I’m lucky enough to have a mother  (and father – but hey that’s not until June!) who demonstrated in many ways and daily her love for me. She’s told me often but she’s shown me more. I see those things now – the small sacrifices, the didn’t-have-tos-but-did-anyways and the only-because-I-love-yous.

drinks with E

Twyfelfontein, Namibia

On this trip I hope my kids have felt my love for them in that same steadfast way. We’ve spent more time together on this trip than ever before. I’m grateful for every single day with them even when they’re way too loud or ordering the lobster.

laughs with cam

Some Airport, Somewhere

And so while I hope you do receive the Hallmark cards and such if that’s what you’d like today. I bet you’re also a lot like me and I’ll be just fine this mother’s day if my kids do as they’ve been doing for the last 320: Come and find me in the morning. Snuggle into me at the least expected moments. Give me plenty of reasons to laugh loudly at unexpected quips and hang off my neck right until they fall asleep.

boys lift me

I'm not heavy I'm their mother ;)

It has been an incredible year of Mother’s Days and a lifetime of them  is truly what I wish for all of you.

Happy Motherhood. (and thanks mom.)