Wanderlust has taken me many places in the world: solo, with family and friends. It can be hard to pick my favourite destinations, even when asked by readers for my top recommendations. While I may struggle to come up with “favourites” (there are so many places I want you to see!) inspired by this past year of my own travels, I do have a few suggestions for you.

If you want to travel more in 2016, considering these won’t disappoint.

Monteverde, Costa Rica

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I recently took a trip to Costa Rica to experience some of what this beautiful country has to offer. It is just the right mix of rest, relaxation (beach and more beach) and adventure (you just must explore the lush forests). The people of Costa Rica are welcoming, friendly, ready and eager to show you around what they rightly feel is their most beautiful corner of the world. I recommend Costa Rica for a top notch family experience.

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Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya India

I haven’t yet made it to the Living Root Bridges but I have heard a lot lately about them, located in the mountains of Meghalaya India. India was a favourite stop along our world trip and I’d take any reason to get back there! The Living Root Bridges are a wonder, from what I have read, strong examples of how humans have created with what they have. The Khasi tribe, more than 180  years ago, innovatively tended and shaped the roots of the trees to create bridges across waters so they could travel the forests. Amazing.

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Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands with GlobetrottingMama.com Learn more about this amazing vacation for animal-loving families.

Our trip to the Galápagos Islands is still among one of my favourite family adventures. There really is nowhere else in the world like this place of ecological wonder. You will get the chance to get up close and personal with nature, and some of the most majestic animals alive. There is also a healthy respect for the environment amongst all the tour guides so you will come away learning as much as you are relaxing and enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Tuscany, Italy

I would put pretty much any city in Italy on a bucket list for world travellers. Italy has it all: good food, great wine, and a culture that is open and excited to welcome new people in. I have loved each trip to Italy and am now most excited to visit Tuscany, known for it’s wine and food. It is also the birthplace for the Renaissance so art lovers will love the history of this region.

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Martinique is one of my top 5 destination recommendations - GlobetrottingMama.com

I had the great pleasure of visiting this Caribbean island recently and it really is a beach lover’s paradise, with a never-ending-summer climate and a lot of sun to soak up. But what I found most inspiring was the deeply rooted culture and tradition among the people I met. There’s just a sense of magic there, friendly, relaxing and inspiring magic!

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Have any of these made it onto your bucket list? Which are you most inspired to visit?