A few months ago, I set out on an adventure to New Zealand. The assignment in conjunction with National Geographic and Tourism New Zealand had me exploring this incredible landscape in ways that were slightly outside my comfort zone. What I discovered is that “outside my comfort zone” is one of my favourite places to be.

The videos below are only a few of the words, movies and photos that are the result of that collaboration. The genuine affection that everyone on our team had for the islands and the people we met on this trip come through in every single piece produced. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

Have you been to New Zealand yet? Do these inspire you to go?

Nelson Market

Dolphins in Kaikoura

The Powhiri – Traditional Maori Greeting

The Hangi – Traditional Maori Feast

Nelson Tasman

Reflections: New Zealand


The Backstory

Tourism New Zealand and National Geographic invited three National Geographic Explorers to explore the connection between the land and the people on their islands. As a Contributing Editor to National Geographic Traveler I was on assignment as a #NatGeoAmbassador and asked to share my experiences through stories and on video. My colleagues on the trip are incredibly accomplished: Erika Larsen is a National Geographic Photographer whose beautifully striking images convey a lot of the warmth and kindness we all found in the destination. Christoph Niemann is an award-winning illustrator whose unique juxtapositions of art over photos and funny illustrated captures of real life moments made me an instant superfan. Together we discovered New Zealand’s welcoming spirit.