Remembering the moment we became 2012 National Geographic Travelers of the Year

Once upon a time, I dreamed of having my name on the pages of that amazing magazine with the distinctive yellow border. It happened for the first time about seven years ago when after taking a leap of faith, Ish, the boys and I completed our yearlong around the world trip. We came back to being named Travelers of the Year – as a family! What an honour.

Life has moved at a constant clip since that day. Today, I’m a contributing editor for National Geographic Traveler and my work with them has taken me to places around the globe including New Zealand and Rwanda.

Recently, I stumbled on this clip of us participating in the National Geographic Live presentation in Washington D.C. and had to share. The glow of that year away was still fresh and the kids look so little.

What a wild and wonderful ride this life can be.

I hope you enjoy it.