CFRB The Nightside, Us & Oprah: Talking Travel, Family and Fears with Barb DiGiulio

Okay, I’ve got BIG news: I’ve had to keep it secret for a couple of months – and I have to admit there was a part of me that wasn’t sure I wasn’t dreaming it – but we are in “O’s Little Book of Happiness!” Yup! THAT “O.” The book, “O’s Little Book of Happiness” is on store shelves now! It’s  an incredible collection of essays from people like Neil deGrasse Tyson (Cosmos), Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), Brene Brown (Daring Greatly)….and Me!


Psst! I’m on page 42!


I’m thrilled that they chose to include me but even happier that it is giving new life to our family travel message: That it’s worth it, that people are good and that traveling as a family is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

I was happy to revisit some of those stories and messages with Barb DiGiulio on Friday night. What was scheduled to be a 20-minute chat went for a full hour and I could’ve happily continued for hours more. Barb is a great host and her show on CFRB tells some great stories.

You can hear our chat here.

It doesn’t surprise me that, years later, I’m still finding stories to share. Looking forward to experiencing new ones with you as we continue our travels.

Thanks as always to all of you for you continued support. I hope you’ll continue to find our tips and tricks useful for your own travels. We’ve got some big things coming up that I think you’re going to love.