I felt the tears coming as we approached the border.

almost there maine canada

The boys were cheering and singing “O Canada” and screaming and hugging. Up front the tears started to well and then spill and Ish got misty too.


345 days later.


Canada. St. Stephen, New Brunswick but most definitely our home and native land.

first sight canada maine

And in the 30 seconds it took us to get our turn at the border control window I saw everything

* the streets of India, China, Portugal, France and everywhere else

* the amazing people we’ve met along the way

* the food, the glorious food

* every shirt we’ve worn – six million times  (seriously check the pictures)

* and so much more…

All of it. Every single moment. In a 30-second burst.

We arrived at the window in a fit of giggles and tears. And I was terrified the border guard would think we were crazy and tear the car apart in search of “souveniers.”

But he didn’t.

He laughed as the kids explained that their mother was “crying because she is happy” and “we just took a trip around the world and it was 12 months long” and “no, we didn’t bring any pelts or bones back”….and so on.

We got across and had to park the car to compose ourselves. And then we looked up and saw this.

canada love boys

And amid high fives and tears and hugs we let the emotions run wild and went with it.

What an amazing family I have.   Love these guys.

boys home