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Since returning from Italy in early September I’ve been quietly working away at stories, meeting with destinations and editors and doing the writing that doesn’t always get done when you’re living out of a suitcase. It’s been a different pace than I’m used to and I’ve been enjoying the time at home – even going so far as to play host to friends from Sweden last week. IMG_2876_2

It didn’t take long, however, for the itchy foot syndrome to start up again. The problem is that the longer I’m home, the harder it is to leave the family behind. By the time some girlfriends suggested we meet up in rural Ontario for a bit of  career brainstorming, I was more than ready to travel and yet,  grateful to be able to stay fairly close to home.

Olde Bridge Where we would go was a no-brainer: The Olde Bridge Place, Bed & Breakfast Inn. The Inn is located in West Montrose, Ontario – about 90 minutes from Toronto.  We knew we wanted to stay there even though not one of us had ever visited the property. We wanted to stay there because of Dee.

Dee Brun is the Inn’s owner/operator/chief Breakfast provider.

Olde Bridge

Most people know Dee from her recurring role as hostess with the most-est on Steven and Chris, but anyone who has met the Dee-va off-air knows she’s as genuine as they come. She brings that authentic spirit and quick-witted tongue to her role as B&B host and if you’re lucky enough to be a guest you quickly feel completely at ease.  I’ve known Dee for years and the idea of spending time in a spot she had curated made the decision to venture out even easier. And she didn’t disappoint.

Olde Bridge


She couldn’t have picked a better spot to settle in and set up shop. I arrived early and took some time to check out the neighbouring town. The cute shops in Elora would’ve been perfect for an afternoon of exploring. And later, the ladies would share that the neighbouring community of Elmira is just as wander-worthy.The area is home to the Mennonite community so the feeling of slowing down is helped by the pitter- patter of horse hooves on pavement and the friendly waves of passing farmers.


After driving around for a bit, I finally drove down the long winding road to the Inn, turned off the car and sighed.Olde Bridge

The Grand river runs through the property and under the “Kissing Bridge” – the last original covered bridge in Ontario.
The Olde Bridge Place Inn has two suites. Both are tastefully decorated and the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. We ladies have known each other for years, so we bunked in pairs and triplets and a couple of us stayed with Dee but the property is clearly meant as a couples retreat and I hope to get back there with Ish one day soon. The next morning on a walk past neighbouring farms,  the air was brisk – I mean it’s still Ontario in November – but the drying corn stalks, the open green fields, and the rising sun created this magical morning light that had me out longer than I’d intended .
IMG_3088At the end of the day, what I loved most about the Olde Bridge Place wasn’t the views, or the décor or even the people – lovely as they all were.
What I loved about Olde Bridge Place was that it felt like someone’s home. Spaces hadn’t been created to mimic a magazine or seem like something they weren’t.  Instead, they had been put together lovingly,  developed organically with the surroundings in mind and grown into what they were meant to be.
It wasn’t my home but it felt like I was staying in the home of a friend, complete with the owners’ zest for life personality. It was one of the best B&B experiences I’ve had and leaving it, absolutely warranted a long look back.


Just the Facts| Olde Bridge Place

 Where: 5 Covered Bridge Drive
West Montrose, Ontario
N0B 2V0

Contact :
Phone : 1 (519) 669-9033
Phone : 1 (519) 505-3371 Text Message friendly


 Disclosure: We paid to stay at the Olde Bridge Place Bed & Breakfast Inn. Rates vary according to accommodation and season.