“You are worthy because you’re here.”

Warning: What I’m about to say may be unpopular.

After falling away from the Oprah show years ago, I fell for the hype and found myself watching the finale. I didn’t like it. It all felt a little too self indulgent to me.


One last Aha Moment photo credit: Mars Hill Church Seattle

I know, I know, she’s done so much and has helped so many but a full hour monologue? No disrespect intended but it was too much for me. I felt like she was taking the moment a little too seriously and it made me uncomfortable.


There was something in there. One thing. It resonated and it was this:


“You are worthy because you’re here.”
As we prepare for what is bound to be a trip of a lifetime people have kindly wished us well but many also mention their own dream to do something similar with their family, to travel on their own or to do something that seems just as big and unreachable.
When I respond to them, I’ve tried to find the words to convey  how important it is to me that this trip be about more than my family.

Sure, we are the ones getting on the plane on June 30, but I’m hoping that – through our stories and pictures and videos – others will be inspired to do the things they’ve been putting off too.

I’ve also been trying to find companies big and small who support the idea that the planet is a better place when we get to know the people on all sides of it. I’ve found a few and look forward to sharing some of the ways we’ll be working together in the days and weeks ahead.

It’s so important to me that the kids who aren’t mine and aren’t traveling around the world for a year, learn something from our trip and  see themselves and the possibilities of dreaming big through the experiences of my children.

I want the same for adults. I hope you’ll  see us living our dreams and remember your own.
It’s so easy when the laundry is piling up and the kids are fighting and there are lunches to be made and bills to pay… to lose sight of the things that you have always dreamed of. If I may be so bold, I’d like to suggest that it’s time to find it again.
“You are worthy because you’re here.”
It reminded me a lot of the excerpt from Mandela’s speech that I keep in my office and of the truths that I believe.
Follow your dreams. Live your life to the fullest. Be good to others.

Why not dust off your biggest, wildest dreams and go for it?

You are worthy because you’re here.

Thanks Oprah.