Where your favourite Oscar Nominated Movies were filmed

The Oscar nominated movies of 2022 combine two of my favourite things: Good films and incredible destinations. Movies are often the first place many of us get to see a new location without hopping on a plane. And while I’m no cinema expert, I do know that when a beautiful scene rolls across my screen, like the rolling hills of New Zealand in Power of the Dog or the bright lights of Tokyo in Drive my Car, there’s a part of me that bookmarks ideas for future trips or reminds me of ones already taken.

If you too have been smitten by some of the scenes in recent movies, you’re in luck. Here is where some of your favorite Oscar-nominated movies were filmed:


Drive My Car was filmed in part in Hiroshima. Child gazes at information about Hiroshima.


CODA was filmed in Rockport and Gloucester Massachusetts

Both Don’t Look Up and CODA were filmed in Massachusetts. I loved  Don’t Look Up for its biting commentary on the environment.  And if you recognized some of the places in the movie it’s likely because you’ve visited Massachusetts befre. Ditto for  CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). CODA was actually filmed in and around two of my favourite parts of the state: Gloucester and Rockport. The area is quiet, moody and beautiful. If you get the chance to go, you absolutely should.


Los Angeles, California

King Richard – the film for which Will Smith took home his first Best Oscar statue after that moment you’re all talking about – shows off the LA neighbourhoods where Venus and Serena Williams literally held court. Forget the drama in the Oscars audience and make sure you see this film that celebrates the sisters’ achievement. Licorice Pizza was also filmed in California. It shows off the Encino neighborhood in the city’s San Fernando Valley. And if you’re in California, the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is a must see for fans.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the Oscar-nominated filming location of The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog was this year’s most Oscar-nominated movie. For good reason.  The Power of the Dog  is a stunning film and it was filmed in various parts of New Zealand. I’ve been to New Zealand many times and still the location surprised me! The cinematography is incredible and fields of gold aren’t what I think  most people associate with the islands,  making it an even more enticing destination.