Parenting : The Question That Could Change Your 2018

Year end always makes me nostalgic. I can’t help but get mushy thinking about the year that has passed and the one still to come. And while I always take some time to think about professional goals, it’s the personal ones that cause the most hand-wringing – especially when it comes to the kids and the kind of parenting I’m trying to do.


Parenting- One questions

With my buddies in Italy this fall.

Recently I came across an interview I did about six months into our around the world trip. (Remember, that would have been December 2011! ) It was a Q&A with the Act of Traveling blog – a great online space that family travelers will enjoy.

As I re-read the interview (The link is below), I found myself nodding along and smiling at the questions and answers I gave. But it was the  last question that gave me pause: What is the key learning you want to give your children with this RTW trip?

Here’s how I answered it:

The world belongs to everyone in it. What happens in the east affects the west. There are people out there who are suffering and what we do at home or abroad can make a difference. You are lucky to have been born where you were and to whom you were and with that comes a responsibility to own your life and live it to the fullest. The world looks big but it’s tiny once you begin to walk out into it. There’s nothing wrong with living a dream and make sure it’s as big a dream as you can conjure. You are loved more than anything.

parenting goals

My answer was  spontaneous and remains how I’d hope to answer that question today, but seeing it written down made such an impact on me that I wanted to share it with you along with a suggestion.

Over the next few weeks, consider answering that question for yourself: What is the key learning you want to give your children?

I can’t tell you the impact that reading my own words, years later have had on clarifying things for me. The things I want for them haven’t changed even as they grow into amazing teenagers who require me to adjust as we go.  Those words are still a good representation of who I hope to be and what I try to instill through my parenting and my writing.

My printout now sits on my desk as a reminder.


If you do choose to answer the question, I’d love to see your answers. But even if you don’t share it with me, consider printing it out for yourself and revisiting it from time to time.

As this year approaches its end, I wish you all happiness and peace over the holiday season. I’m so grateful to live in a time where I can have a space to share my views and converse with all of you.

I hope you’ll continue to tune in for years to come as the journey continues.



p.s. Below: The full original interview with thanks to Act of Traveling for a great interview that prompted this parenting reflection all these years later.