I’ve been here before.

I know the rolling green hills, the red cliffs, the incredible seafood, that Anne girl.



The beautiful red cliffs, green hills and blue waters of PEI.

I remember watching my family racing kites under the blue skies and wandering wispy clouds that fluff up into thick, cottony masses before pulling apart again.

I loved it here in PEI when we came through on the way home from our around the world trip.

Ish loved it too.


And as we drove away more than a year ago and started the journey home, we promised each other that one day we’d come back and relax here again. A week in the summer? Maybe two? It would be our holiday. We spoke confidently of our return but secretly I worried.

I don’t like going back to places I’ve loved.

Sometimes the very thing that captured your heart the first time can’t be reproduced.

Bad weather, a chance encounter with someone in a grumpy mood, the wrong turn…any small thing could wreck a wonderful memory.

And so showing up here a few days ago I tread carefully, waiting for PEI to break my heart.

But it hasn’t.


The beauty of the island is still here.

The magic of the redheaded girl and the colours I remembered? Still here.


But there’s more.

On this trip I’ve had the chance to chat with even more islanders.




I’ve sampled the bounty and the fierce island pride that is built into it.



I’ve seen people so in love with the land that their life’s passion is to share it with everyone they meet.

2013-09-09 09.48.24

I’ve come back to the island and I’ve fallen in love all over again.