Another Big Announcement! We’ve Partnered with for Our Road Trip

We’re hitting the road today on a 30-day family road trip tour. We will start in Toronto, stop in Niagara Falls, make our way across the USA and finish up in Vancouver. While we are thrilled to have that kind of time together as a family, we are also excited to stay connected to the world outside our car via mobile devices and the latest in tech gadgets. If you’ve met us you know we are often connected. Over our travels we’ve found it’s a great way to augment our journey and share our experiences.

Hiking in the Pacific Northwest on Globetrotting Mama

Our family poses after hiking in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll venture back to the area towards the end of our trip


It’s why a partnership with makes so much sense. I’m already a regular contributor to the blog and now we’ll use our road trip to try out some of the other cool products.

We’ll be using the free Expedia app on our phones, tablets and an Apple Watch to book all of our hotel stays and stay on track with our bookings. The bonus of booking via’s mobile products is access to exclusive deals, like saving as much as 40% off our room nights and earning up to 3 times the Expedia+ points on our bookings. I’ve long used as a way of booking travel (including at points along our around-the-world trip) and I’m looking forward to seeing the additional functionality that the Apple Watch brings to their mobile experience.

apple watch

We’ll have accommodation on our wrist and at the touch of a finger.

We are also looking forward to letting the app add a little spontaneity to our travel. The nature of this trip is that while we have a route in mind we really don’t know for sure where we’ll be from day to day. Sure, we will have specific milestones for the trip (our route is set out here) but the Expedia app allows us to book our hotel rooms from the road and change our route if we feel like it. Do we feel like a little luxury, a pool and spa experience? Or do we want a functional stay for a quick snooze and a continental breakfast for the road? We’ll decide as we go.


Today we’ll hit the open road and see where it takes us.


Thirty days without any fixed plans or must-dos. Thirty days with tech at our fingertips and family at our sides. We can’t wait. Hope you’ll join us and follow along on, Twitter #ExpediaRoadTrip and @ExpediaCA

What do you think of our route? What would you add? Where should we stop?
This is your chance to tell us where to go! (Nicely of course ;)) Share some of your favourite spots, tell us some of the must-see/must-do experiences, suggest a place to stay or meet us for a coffee and a chat. In fact, why not start now? Tweet us with hashtag #ExpediaRoadTrip
See you on the road!


Disclosure: is an official partner on the Great Big Summer Roadtrip by GlobetrottingMama. As always all opinions remain my own.