The first week of our road trip is behind us and while we’ve been exploring Orlando, Mississippi and more, we’ve been introducing you to some cool people right here on the blog, as part of our Road Trip Tales series. The first to say hello and share her experiences on the road was CityLine host Tracy Moore. We then brought you Erin Bender of Travel with Bender and Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel. Next up? Funny lady, author, speaker and mom of 4, Kathy Buckworth.

Kathy Buckworth shares her Road Trip Tales on

Photo Courtesy of Kathy Buckworth.

I met Kathy on a press trip to Walt Disney World in Florida many years ago. She’s since gone on to write more books, add to her already impressive career path. If you aren’t reading her stuff you’re missing out. Here are Kathy’s tips for road trip travel:

What’s your favourite summer road trip memory?
About seven years ago we drove with all four kids (then aged 5, 8, 13 and 15) to New York City, from Toronto. The kids were a great age (minimal fighting) and we were surprised by the gorgeous scenery of the Adirondacks on the way down to NYC.  Seeing NYC through the car windows was a huge treat for our kids – and for us.

What is your top tip for Family road trips?
Take some time to plan your stop and ask the kids if there is anything they want to see on the way through.  Allow extra time for planned and spontaneous stops.  Know who is likely to get car sick and give them the best seat! Pack plastic bags.

What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you set out on your first family road trip?
Children are annoying if the only thing they have to do is fight with each other.Top 3 snacks for in the car?’
Lollipops – while they are sucking them they can’t talk.
Vegetables – cut up vegetables are easy, healthy, you know.
Hard candies – see lollipops.

Worst snack for in the car?
Sticky fruit roll ups.
Sticky fruit.
Anything sticky.

Musts on the road trip playlists?
We don’t make road trip playlists. We listen to Sirius/XM – usually the comedy channels, and to check in on CBC (and maybe a show that I’m on).

Never on the road trip playlists?
My husband once had to listen to a cassette tape by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen from Toronto to Quebec City. I believe it is buried somewhere in the Plains of Abraham.

I most embarrass my kids in the car when I….
Dance in my seat, when driving next to other cars. I think they’re embarrassed at just how good I am.

My kids drive me nuts in the car when they…
Argue. Change the radio station without asking. Say they’re bored. Get carsick. Breathe too loudly. Want me to keep going?

Biggest challenge you’ve faced traveling with kids by car and how you handled it: 

With four kids, it’s always who sits where. We have to take turns, but also have to manage having the two carsick prone kids in the middle row always, first thing in the morning. It’s nothing a quick spreadsheet couldn’t fix. 

Dream road trip destination?

Road Trip Tales with Kathy Buckworth on Globetrotting Mama

Photo Courtesy of Kathy Buckworth.

Want to connect with Kathy? You can find her on Twitter @kathybuckworth, Instagram @kathybuckworth and on Facebook as Kathy Buckworth.