She’s a master in the kitchen (really, who carves a chicken better), nutrition expert and writer Theresa Albert shares memories from the road, as well as tips. This is another instalment in our Road Trip Tales Series. If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve been sharing stories from our friends since we first embarked on our own Great Big Summer road trip through the USA on July 5. You can catch up by checking out the list below.

Theresa Albert shares her road trip tales on

Photo Courtesy of Theresa Albert.

What’s your favourite summer road trip memory?
Taking my teenage daughter and her friend to North Carolina. It is a whole different ballgame when they grow up and have their own choices.

What is your top tip for Family road trips?
Start ’em young and make it fun! If you want your kids to stick around when they have many other choices, let them feel the freedom of travelling with you from birth! Rules get broken on the road with great results!

What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you set out on your first family road trip?
Gravol can have a backlash effect! Some kids get hyper and that stinks when you are confined!

Top 3 snacks for in the car?
Qia bars or others with chia but low sugar. These fibre nutrients keep things moving when diet goes to pot. Apples. Cheese strings.

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Photo Courtesy of Theresa Albert.

Worst snack for in the car?
Yogurt or yogurt drinks. Messy messy!

Musts on the road trip playlists?
The Beatles.

Never on the road trip playlists?
Rap. Oh man. What a way to ratchet mom up and offend.

I most embarrass my kids in the car when I….
please. Anything! Teens are perpetually embarrassed.

My kids drive me nuts in the car when they…
clap. That sound is alarming.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced traveling with kids by car and how you handled it:
Diarrhea . Anyone’s . One person’s poo becomes everyone’s problem.

Dream road trip destination?
New Orleans

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Photo Courtesy of Theresa Albert.

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