Road Trip Tales: Tracy Moore, CityLine

It has been three day since my globetrotting family hit the road in search of new adventures but we aren’t the only ones who love a good road trip. Introducing Road Trip Tales! This new Globetrotting Mama series will highlight people you know and people you should know who love travel and family as much as we do.

First up: Tracy Moore, host of CityLine!

Tracy Moore on the road with her family. As featured on

courtesy of Tracy Moore, copyright 2015.

I’ve known Tracy since she was working behind the camera at City and have always admired her work. In recent years we’ve joined her to chat travel on CityLine and I can tell you she’s as nice on camera as she is off-camera. I asked Tracy to share some Road Trip Tales.

What’s your favourite summer road trip memory?
Driving out East with my mom, dad and sister. Staying at a brand new hotel in New Brunswick and discovering Canada with my family. Golden.

Tracy Moore with her mom and sister on a roadtrip adventure. As seen on

courtesy of Tracy Moore, copyright 2015.

What is your top tip for Family road trips?
Have so many activities planned that the kids can do/play in their laps. Hangman, tic tac toe, colouring, books. And snacks. Lots of snacks.

What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you set out on your first family road trip?
When you’re travelling with a baby do NOT skimp on diaper rash cream. Our first had a terrible rash halfway through a road trip to Quebec. We were in a rural area and had no access to a store with cream for hours. Poor, sweet thing. #mommyfail

Top 3 snacks for in the car?
Mixed nuts, granola bars and cheese strings.

Worst snack for in the car?
Junky anything. Unless you like driving in a car of farts.

Musts on the road trip playlists?
The kids and I like Top 40 pop, hip hop and r and b. My husband likes CBC radio. It’s an ongoing negotiation.

Tracy Moore and her parents on a road trip. As featured on

courtesy of Tracy Moore, copyright 2015.

Never on the road trip playlists?
Heavy metal. Hurts my head.

I most embarrass my kids in the car when I….
Sing loudly with my husband for long periods of time.

My kids drive me nuts in the car when they…
Fight and scream.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced traveling with kids by car and how you handled it:
Loud tech games drive me nutty. Even if they’re learning games. My kids are still young enough that we can say turn them off and shut your eyes for a nap. Or turn them off and look out the window (which leads to a nap).

Dream road trip destination?
Across Canada in an RV!

We’re currently on our own Dream Road Trip discovering the USA in 30 days, and ending in Vancouver in August. Read all about our journey as it happens. Follow along at #globetrottingmama and #ExpediaRoadTrip . Want to learn more about Tracy Moore? Follow her on Twitter @tracycityline and watch her on CityLine.