Should You Travel to Switzerland in the Summer ?

My first trip to Switzerland was last fall. A break in the travel ban opened up a window for me to get out and see the country and I wasted no time in taking in as much as I could. This spring, I’ll return for a travel conference that is two years later than originally planned. And if you asked me to go again this summer, I might take you up on that offer too.

For a country its size Switzerland has so much to offer and the opportunity to see it in all of its seasons is one I couldn’t pass up. Switzerland borders four countries – Austria, Germany, France and Italy – and each of those border regions offers something culturally different.

Recently, I shared some of the highlights of a Switzerland Summer Break with Things to Know T.O. We talked about the bucket list destination and all the things (beyond cheese, chocolate and watches!) that make the country great. So should you travel to Switzerland in the Summer? Absolutely! Here’s why.

Heather Greenwood Davis on Things to Know T.O.

Is Switzerland safe?

Overall, Switzerland feels like a very safe place to visit. One of the reasons for that is that Switzerland really has handled Covid well. Today they are open to fully vaccinated travellers (including those like me who may have had to mix and match vaccines) and no testing is required for them to enter. While they were using a Swiss Covid certificate-similar to the vaccine passports many provinces had in place, that is no longer needed to enter the country. At the time of this post, masks are still mandated on all public transport including trains and trams. Of course, you’ll want to double-check the rules and requirements before you set out.

What to do in Switzerland this summer

There is no shortage of things you can do in Switzerland this summer.

Outdoorsy? Switzerland has it all – mountains, valleys, waterways. Here are three ways you can enjoy Swiss nature this summer.

Hike in Valais

In Valais, tey’ve got a hike for every level and every type of scenery you’re after. Head for the larch forests, skip along the vineyard trails or take a circuit through the alpine meadows. Whatever you choose you’ll want to save time for taking breathtaking photos along the way.

valais hike © Valais_Wallis Promotion - Pascal Gertschen

© Valais_Wallis Promotion – Pascal Gertschen

Take to the Waters on Lake Lucerne

For a relaxing workout you could take a kayak out on Lake Lucerne. From your vantage point you’ll be able to take in the fjord-like landscape, and the gorgeous surrounding mountains.   Head out with a guide and build in time for a picnic lunch and a lake swim. Or, if you’d rather leave the steering to someone else, hop on board one of their historic paddle wheel steamers and just lean back and enjoy the views.

Go High at Jungfraujoch

To get to Jungraujoch you’ll board the train and travel  through the Swiss countryside before taking a cable car to the top.  I was here in the fall, and it was gorgeous When you get there, I highly suggest you take the Eiger Express up to the top of Jungfraujoch – the new cable car cuts the trip time by 30 minutes but still allows for those gorgeous views and if you opt for the VIP service you’re in for an even more royal ride.

Jungfraujoch ice sculptures

And there’s more to explore this summer!

Did you know that Switzerland has palm trees? That there are hotels that are islands all onto themselves? Are you ready for some incredible gastronomy, incredible art and a vibrant nightlife? Want to learn more about the Swiss Train system and some ways you can save this summer? It’s all here. Take a look at my TV appearance linked below and use it to help plan your ultimate Switzerland summer getaway.

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