One of the things I love most about traveling with Ish is that we share a sense of humour. What other people may look at and just accept as natural, we will turn the car around to take a picture of. Throughout our year away there were many of these moments. So here, for your viewing pleasure, many of our favourite signs.

We spotted this one near Petra in Jordan. “Arabic Kohl” is the eyeliner used to create that sultry eye look. Today’s special means at least one eye will look good.

eye pencil

This one outside of the Cows Creamery in PEI makes perfect sense when you realize they’re talking about the fibreglass cow sculpture nearby but on its own? Pretty funny.

cow sign pei

Found this one posted inside an airport cafeteria. It’s working. I didn’t see anyone carrying in their own fresh fish for lunch.


We’ve  all seen signs like these for school crosswalks but the first time we happened upon one for the elderly we smiled.


Then we saw these and realized the concept may be overused….




This one was just confusing…


And this one was scary. Who knew Antelope could move that fast! ;)



So many more to come. :)