It’s just an island -a piece of land in the middle of some salty water – but leaving it was tough.

From the moment we arrived we knew it would be.

hayman entree

To get to Hayman island we flew from Sydney to Brisbane and then flew again to Hamilton Island. Along the way we watched the water colour get brighter and more beautiful. Once on Hamilton Island you board a luxury launch over to Hayman and the slow ride – during which there is no shortage of sparkling wine and snacks (along with juice for the kids) –  puts you immediately into the right frame of mind.

toast to hayman

A toast to Hayman

Our minds which had been racing with planning the next legs of this trip immediately began to slow. For Ish and I it was a much needed respite and to top it all off it was Cameron’s birthday and arriving at Hayman was the ultimate present.

party for one

Party for one :)

Our host on island, Natalie, was an instant hit with the kids and quickly oriented us to all the place has to offer.

And for the next few days we embraced it.

White sand, blue seas, gourmet food and space to stretch out in.

By the time we were ready to leave we had plenty of reasons to be smitten with it.

The people we’d met: fantastic families, pools with kids waiting to welcome my two who were starved for pint-sized playmates, and staff happy to make our stay memorable.


other kids

a new friend at Hayman

The views we shared: open waters in those fantastic shades of blue and green from every corner, chaises to lounge on, balconies to chill on, restaurants that took us everywhere from Asia to Italy to the seashore and back.

white sand beach

What's not to love?

The moments we had: a birthday surprise for a 7 year old boy in the shape of a thick chocolate cake, butterflies resting in twisted trees above a pair of lazily circling swans and the discovery of a hideaway meant for dreaming in right in the middle of the property.

hayman hideaway

Finding my spot on Hayman Island

Hayman Island was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time.

cam at sea