It rained today. The day before too. Big drops that smash when they hit the windshield and the crack of lightening to match. The kind of rain that makes you yearn for a comfy couch, a wad of blankets and a bowl/cup of something warm…except we were driving in it.

Rainy day sheep

No less beautiful in the rain

We landed in New Zealand in time to catch the lead up to the Rugby World Cup, the 5.5 richter aftershock in Christchurch and the rain.  Still we had a country to see and only two weeks to see it and so there we were in our rental car making our way.

There’s so much to tell you about this country that stole my heart from the moment we got here, but today what I want to share is how it felt to be here…in the rain.

clouds The thing is,  despite the winding roads, the sheer drops and the questions about what would happen to the sheep whose matted wool selves continued to munch aimlessly up the sides of the rolling hills, we were okay with it as we sat rolling along together in the car.
E read cam a story. Ish and i reminisced and laughed up front. We pointed out the different shapes of trees and colours of hills and  played lazy games of spot the sheep. We went quiet; they got loud – and vice versa. And we drove.

By the time we made it to our destination  we had stopped a few times to take pictures – not of what we needed but of what called to us: Lambs playing on a hillside, a cow about to give birth.
And now driving into the city we’re quiet again and  the rain is gentler giving way to this.

And determined to be out in it are my beautiful, unquestioning, completely joyful boys who shine in any weather.
Ethan Raincam rain joy It’s amazing how beautiful a cloudy day can be.