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Do you want to retrace the steps of Storm Troopers and Jedi knights? We put our own Jedi research skills to the test and put together this list of destinations to make your dreams come true. Take a peek, book your tickets and grab your camera. Who knows, maybe you and your favourite Star Wars fan can make your own cinematic masterpiece.


Abu Dhabi features in the desert scenes of Episode VII. And there you can explore the incredible sand dunes of this amazing desert landscape. When you are done playing with your lightsaber in the desert, explore the cosmopolitan city full of modern buildings and expansive malls, alongside museums steeped in the Gulf’s history.

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This location also features in the new Star Wars film and as a travel destination it offers breathtaking scenery and a rich history (featuring prominently in an Irish legend). It is a small island off the western coast of Ireland, a UNESCO designated site, where you will find plenty of opportunities to relax and explore history. Make it a must-visit stop along your tour of Ireland.

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Boat cruises departing from Portmagee, Ireland provide an opportunity to explore the island.


It might be presented as the icy planet of Hoth in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back but Norwegians know it as the stunning glacier in Hardangerjøkulen. It is the 6th largest glacier in Norway. The movie was filmed in the valley of Midtdalen and you can find a tour here. You can also get a similar experience by hiking from the nearby town of Eidfjord, spot the glacier from a distance or visit this glacier that offers you a similar experience.

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Those that remember and loved Episode IV (A New Hope) and V (The Empire Strikes Back) might long for the land of Tatooine; in key scenes from those films actually Death Valley National Park. The National Park service calls it a land of extremes. You are assured extreme visual delight!

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Rumoured to be a location for the newest Star Wars installment, Myvatn is in Northern Iceland. Like Death Valley, it can be considered a land of extremes – that of fire and ice. An active volcanic region, it was originally created by a large eruption thousands of years ago. There are many volcanic landforms to spy on your trip to the naturally icy phenomenon that is Iceland.

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With all of these great destinations and offers, you don’t have to live vicariously through Luke Skywalker. Get out there and create your own adventure by exploring what this amazing world has to offer – it’s even prettier off-screen.

Thank you to Trafalgar for providing some of the deals and information featured here. This post was also inspired, and contains reference to, an article published by the Travel Channel.
Thank you to our Norwegian friend Linda for help locating tours operating to Hardangerjøkulen.