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Last Minute March Break Travel Deals

You, my friend, are a procrastinator. Listen, I understand. I know how the hours, turn into days and then weeks and then suddenly you’re staring down that “last 5 days” stretch knowing that at the end of it is complete holiday upheaval. I’ve been there too. The upside is that while those who are way more organized than you and I have likely booked and paid for their dream March Break travel, we can settle in and scoop up those last minute deals. Who’s laughing now, right? Well, probably them on a beach…but soon you’ll be laughing too. Here are a few ways to still get a break out of March Break: 1. Drive don’t fly: Even with the high cost of gas a road trip can prove to be a lot less expensive than booking your family of four or more on an airline. Leave Friday after school (or miss a few days…) and take your time driving to your holiday getaway. The money you save can go towards cool activities when you get there. And don’t think you have to go all the way to Florida for it to be a vacation. Many hotels have March Break offerings…

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