Aeroplan Miles: The Giving Season


I love knowing that some amazing trip I took with my family, some moment that is still bringing me joy and earned me Aeroplan Miles, has the potential of helping families in Canada or around the world have a better life too.

Aeroplan Miles: The Giving Season2022-03-02T20:21:15-05:00

How To Cure Your Post Holiday Blues


The season is over but that doesn’t have to mean we return to our less than charitable ways. Here's how we can continue to make a difference.

How To Cure Your Post Holiday Blues2022-03-02T20:20:23-05:00

A Shot at Life for Developing Nations


For families in developing countries the vaccine debate is very different. It is not about whether to get a shot or not; it's about whether they'll ever even have a chance to make that choice.

A Shot at Life for Developing Nations2022-03-02T20:14:14-05:00
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