Globetrotting Kids: Foods in China


You know that there are different foods around the world and I am going to try them all. This one is for China

Globetrotting Kids: Foods in China2012-11-10T20:41:28-05:00

How to stand out in China


When you are an English-Speaking, Black Family of Four "blending in" in China isn't really an option.

How to stand out in China2012-11-10T20:45:32-05:00

Not so Forbidden City


There is so much history in this country it is mind-boggling. And as an outsider who doesn't speak the language there is only one way to penetrate it - with a guide.

Not so Forbidden City2012-11-10T20:45:50-05:00

Day 60 – The Great Wall


There are plenty of places on this trip that have meaning to us beyond what or where they are. The Great Wall of China is one of them.

Day 60 – The Great Wall2012-11-10T20:46:29-05:00
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